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Setting up your ThinkReservations Account

Congratulations on getting your ThinkReservations account! 

A ThinkReservations Account Manager will make sure the following is properly set up before you go live:

  • Payment Processor
  • Taxes
  • Business and Room Configuration
  • Styling the look and feel of your online booking engine and email design

Once it is time for your website to go live with ThinkReservations, Channel Management and OTA connections can be made.

The below items will be verified during your onboarding process, either via email prior to your launch date or on the phone during your launch meeting. 

There are a few things you can set up or change later at your discretion. This page describes everything you need before you go live. Once you are logged in to ThinkReservations, there is a Settings button on the top right that takes you to the configuration side of ThinkReservations.
Please note that sometimes an import will create a new account. Please consult with your Account Manager before making any changes, so your work isn't lost.


Business Configuration 

Room Configuration 

Email Configuration 

Change Password

Each employee should have a strong password and log out when they are done.

Click here to see how to change your password.

Setup New Employees

You can have an unlimited number of employee accounts with unique permissions.

Click here to see how to set up new employees.

Chart of Accounts (Revenue Accounts)

Revenue accounts in ThinkReservations allow you to "bucket" groups of items together for reporting purposes. 

Click here to see how to create revenue accounts.


To add anything to a bill, it needs to be set up as an item first.

Click here to see how to create items.

Booking Engine Settings

The booking engine is what your customers interface with when making a reservation online.

Click here to see how to manage your online booking engine's settings.

Click here for a booking engine walk-through.

Business Settings

Business Settings are where you configure some basic account settings.

Click here to see how to configure your business settings.

Gift Certificates

Gift Certificates that exist in ThinkReservations (house certificates) have a configurable logo and policy.

Click here to see how to set your default expiration date, upload a logo, and set your gift certificate policy.


Room Settings is where you configure the name, description, occupancy, and photos (among others).

Click here to see how to update or change your room settings.


Each room can be assigned amenities in the room settings, but they need to be created first. This is an optional feature to help your guests decide what room is right for them.

Click here to see the Amenities Setting in ThinkReservations. Click New Amenity and add each amenity that your rooms offer. Then you can assign them to your rooms in room settings. They will appear as a bulleted list under the room description on the online booking engine. 

Rate Types

You can program your "Best Available Rate" or equivalent standard rack rate under Rate Types. Pricing can be configured for up to two years into the future. Reservations can be made in the online booking engine for only one year in advance. Staff can make reservations up to two years, provided there is pricing.

Click here for instructions on how to set rates.

Click here for an overview and detailed explanation of the rate type settings.

Email Templates

Email Templates are the letters and other emails that your business will be sending to customers. The templates include a friendly (arbitrary) name, a subject line, and a message. The subject and message can contain Personalized Variables to make each email unique the reservation. ThinkReservations creates several standard email templates for you to make your own.

Click here to see how to update an email template.

Email Rules

You can define what emails are sent automatically based on the reservations check-in date: Two "reminder" emails before a guest checks in and a "followup" email after they check out. Confirmation emails are only automatically sent out when guests book online. When reservations are being made on the phone, the system doesn't know when you are done editing the reservation, making payments, adding items, etc. so it is the staff's or innkeeper's responsibility to trigger the confirmation email. Email Rules is also where you upload the logo for the header on your emails.

Click here to see how to set your email rules.

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