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Stripe - Verify your account

This article explains how to complete the short process of verifying your stripe account. This must be completed by October 6th, 2023. You will be able to continue to process payments in the meantime.

Before you begin, make sure that you have access to your Stripe account. Login to any user account that has permission to view Payment Gateways.

Once in a user account that has permission for Payment Gateways configuration, click Settings then click Payment Gateways on the left-hand menu.

Click on the line under Payment Gateways that corresponds with the Gateway name shown in the Configuration dropdowns and that shows "Action Required" in the "Status" column.

You will see a page like the one below - click on the purple "Connect to Stripe" button

From here, you will be taken to a page where you will choose your Stripe account to connect to ThinkReservations. Be certain you are connecting the correct account here - if you have multiple and choose the wrong one, you will not be able to take payments on previously-retained credit cards. Click the "Connect" button as shown below. If the purple button says "Create" instead of "Connect" please STOP and contact THinkReservations support!

Enter your Stripe username and password and click Log In

You may see a brief loading screen like this:

Great job! You will be redirected back to ThinkReservations where you can click "Go back to Payment Gateways."

On the Payment Gateways page, you will now see the new status of "Active" where it formerly said "Action Required"

You're done! Thanks for completing these steps before the deadline!

More information on permissions:

By default, all Account Owners have this permission, but other users can be granted the permission by a user who has the permission called "Can modify users." User permissions can be modified by these users by heading to Settings --> User Management --> click on the user you wish to grant permission to --> Check the boxes for the permission(s) you wish to grant --> click Save at the bottom.

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