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ThinkReservations features a standard email layout that is clean and professional. An email that is sent to a guest is the culmination of several different settings working together. Below is a standard reminder email template from our fictitious property, The Viewpoint. Please note that the cancellation policy is an example only. See below for an understanding of the 8 points, as noted in the image. Email templates do support some HTML as well.

During your account setup, our team uses your brand colors from your website and logo to be consistent with your brand.

1. Background color
2. Header background color
3. Logo as set in Email Rules in settings
4. Message body background color
5. Message text - The content of the email comes from the Email Templates in settings.
6. Social media icons - These are added automatically when you insert the appropriate URL in Social Media in settings.
7. Footer background color
8. Address, phone, and website - These are pulled from your information as set in Business Settings in settings.

If you need to make changes to items 1, 2, 4, or 7, Access the Email Layout settings here, or reach out to ThinkReservations so we can assist in updating the colors for your Email Layout. If you would like to have complete control over your email template, a custom option is available to your webmaster or web developer. Let us know if this is something you would be interested in.

Below are our standard templates, using the colors and logo of our sample property. Please note that the cancellation policy is a sample only.



Reservation Updated

Reservation Cancelled


Gift Certificate Delivery Note the PDF certificate will be attached to this email.

Gift Certificate Receipt

There is no limit to the number of email templates that you have in your system, and it's easy to create them.

We also provide a standard blank template to use when you need to email your customer or guest, but you don't have an existing template to suit.

Create a New Email Template
Update an Existing Email Template
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