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Gift Certificate Settings

ThinkReservations allows you to easily manage some basic Gift Certificate Settings. You'll want to make sure all your Gift Certificate settings are correctly configured. Click on Settings on the top right, then click on Gift Certificates.

Best in full screen mode. Use Spacebar to pause.

Default Gift Certificate Expiration: Enter the default Gift Certificate expiration (leave it empty if it never expires).

Gift Certificate Policy (150 characters max): Enter your Gift Certificate Policy. This will show up in the Gift Certificate that the customer receives.

Delivery Methods: Adjust your delivery methods. You can support Email, Physical Mail, or both. At least one delivery method must be selected.

GIFT CERTIFICATE LOGO: Upload your business logo. ThinkReservations will appropriately resize it, and your logo will show up on the Gift Certificate that customers receive. Ideally, a logo with a transparent background will work best against the off-white background of the certificate.

Click on Save when you are done if you have made any changes!

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Now is a good time to review your Email Rules and Email Templates specifically for Gift Certificates. Click on Settings on the top right, then click on Email Rules. Once reviewed, click on Email Templates on the left and review the relevant Email Templates.


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