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Printing Gift Certificates

When you are ready to print your certificates, you have two options:

Email the certificate for printing later (bottom of this page)

▼Print the Gift Certificate from ThinkReservations in your browser (below)

To print your certificate from within your browser, start by opening the Gift Certificate you would like to print. Click on Gift Certificates in the black bar at the top of ThinkReservations. Click on the row of the certificate that you would like to print. If you don't see your certificate, use the search feature to search by "Code," "From," or "To." The newest certificates are at the top.

After you click on the certificate, you will be taken to the Gift Certificate page.

Click the green Print button on the top right of the page. This will send the certificate to the browser to print. Your browser and printer handle the remaining steps. Then the certificate is printed.

  Doesn't look right?

We recommend Google Chrome for printing certificates. After you click Print, ensure that the print preview represents the certificate correctly. If the print preview does not look right, it will not print right. You may notice the print preview loads before the images or other certificate content. This typically happens if your computer is running low on memory. If this is the case, click Cancel on the print preview and then click the green Print button in ThinkReservations again. You may have to repeat this step a time or two. A reboot of your computer can also help with this issue to clear your computer's memory.

Ensure that the background graphics are set to be printed. See the below example for instructions.

Click + More settings to expand additional settings in Chrome for print options.

Then ensure that your checkboxes are set up right:

"Headers and footers" box is cleared/not checked, and

"Background graphics" box is checked. See below.

Finally, click the blue Print button in the print preview window to send the certificate to the printer!


Email the Certificate for Printing Later

If you would like to email the certificate to print later, you can enter your own email address in the form field that you would normally use to email the certificate to the recipient of the certificate.

Tip: Another option might be to print the certificate to a PDF printer instead if you have one installed on your computer.

The Deliver by Email form field is where you enter the email address of the person that will need to receive the certificate. In this case, that person is you. Enter your email address and click the green Send button. You will receive an email with the Gift Certificate attached as a PDF. You can then use this PDF to print the certificate.

Note: This is the same method to send the certificate by email if you weren't going to print. Want to email the certificate instead of printing? Do not attempt to email the actual certificate from the bill page. You email it here with the Deliver by Email functionality on the certificate page.

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