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How to Redeem a Gift Certificate

Follow the below steps if you have a guest that would like to redeem a "house" gift certificate that exists in ThinkReservations.

(If the guest has a third party certificate that you accept read on below.)

  1. Open the reservation in which the guest wishes to apply the certificate.
  2. Click one of the Payment buttons.
  3. Change the PAYMENT TYPE to Gift Certificate
  4. Enter the certificate's unique code into the GIFT CERTIFICATE NUMBER box.
  5. Click Check balance to see how much is remaining on the certificate.
  6. Update the amount box at the top if needed.
  7. Click Take Payment to apply the funds. The certificate will be updated automatically.

The payment is successfully applied:

The gift certificate will show a new record of the transaction on the gift certificate page.

You will also note that the remaining balance on the certificate updates automatically as well.


Follow the below steps if you have a guest attempting to use a 3rd party gift certificate that you are willing to accept.

1.) Verify the validity of the certificate first to make sure it is valid.

2.) Open the bill or reservation to which you would like to apply the certificate.

3.) Click the Payment button.

4.) Chose "3rd Party Gift Cert." as the payment type.

5.) Enter the certificate number in the Reference number box.

6.) Enter the amount you wish to apply to the bill in the "Amount" box.

7.) Click the Take Payment button to record the payment.

8.) Manually note the deduction of the certificate and the amount remaining, if any.

You must manually note the change on the certificate because ThinkReservations only keeps track of house certificates.

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