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ThinkOrganizations Gift Certificate Redemption

With ThinkOrganizations, your association can sell gift certificates that can be redeemed by guests staying with any member property. If a guest would like to use an association gift certificate for payment of their stay, the redemption process is simple!

1. Login to your ThinkOrganizations account.

2. In the top menu bar, click on "Redeem GC."

3. From this page, select the name of your association from the ORGANIZATION drop-down. Enter the unique GIFT CERTIFICATE CODE in the next field. Enter the AMOUNT to be redeemed in the last field.

 4. Click the "Redeem" button.


5. You'll see the following pop-up message display to let you know the certificate has been successfully redeemed:


6. To update the reservation to reflect the gift certificate payment:

Simply log/post this payment manually according to the method suggested by your property management system.

Please contact your association for more information on how and when you will receive the funds from any redeemed gift certificates. The association handles all payments.

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