How to Set Minimum Nights

ThinkReservations allows you to configure your restrictions in multiple rate types for each room for the next two years. We recommend that you review your restrictions on a weekly basis for just a few minutes to see if any manual changes need to be made or to enter restrictions at the end of your Calendar. Follow the steps below to set your minimum nights for each rate type.

 1.) Click settings in the black bar in the top right.

2.) Click Rate Types on the left. 

3.) Click on the rate type that you wish to edit. These changes are per rate type. If you have more than one, you will need to make the changes for each as they apply to you. 


Note: If the changes you are making to one rate type are the same, you can work on one, and then copy the changes to the other rate types.
See: How to Copy from One Rate Type to Another.

4.) Inside the rate type, click Rates & Restrictions tab at the top. Here you will see a special version of the Calendar where you can enter new restrictions or edit the ones currently set. Each block or cell is a room-date pair where you can set the appropriate rate. This is also where you program other restrictions and set your rates.

5.) Click the drop-down box near the top labeled EDIT. The default is set to Price. Choose Min Nights Through.

6.) On the Calendar below, update your Minimum Nights Through as needed. See below for details on how to edit the number on the Calendar.

7.) Once you are done, change the drop-down box to Min Nights on Arrival.

8.) Make your changes as needed for your Minimum Nights on Arrival. See below for details on how to edit the numbers on the Calendar.

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NOTE: The MINIMUM NIGHTS field on the bottom left of the General Information tab of each rate type is a qualifier for the guest to qualify into the rate type.
For example, if a MINIMUM NIGHTS qualifier of '2' is set and no MAXIMUM NIGHTS is determined, only guests searching for two or more nights would be able even to see this rate type since they otherwise wouldn't qualify. If they don't qualify into the rate type, the system will not present it to the guest.


Minimum Nights on Arrival:


If a customer is arriving on a date that has Minimum Nights on Arrival set, they must meet the minimum nights indicated, if possible. If reservations have been made that make the minimum nights impossible for that room, then the minimum nights will automatically be adjusted/relaxed. For example, if Friday has minimum nights on arrival set to 2, then someone who tries to book a room on Friday must stay at least two nights. If Saturday is already reserved for that room, then the Minimum Night on Arrival for Friday will automatically adjust to 1, allowing you to fill the room. They work in one direction, like this: ⇨


Minimum Nights Through:

If a customer is staying on a date that has Minimum Nights Through set, they must meet the minimum nights indicated. If reservations have been made that make the minimum nights impossible, then the minimum nights will automatically be adjusted. For example, if Friday has Minimum Nights Through set to 3, then someone who tries to stay Thursday and Friday must stay at least one more night. If Wednesday and Saturday are already reserved, then the Minimum Night Through for Friday will automatically adjust to 2. They work both directions, like this: ⬄

Prospective guests will receive a message similar to above when searching for availability when a minimum night restriction is in effect. 


Editing the number on the Edit Rate Type Calendar.

There are three ways to change the numbers on the Calendar:


  • Click directly on the value in the block you want to change. This gives you a text box where you can change the restriction for that block or specific room-date pair.
  • Click multiple blocks that you want to change. Move your cursor until you get the large white + plus sign. You can click and drag to select multiple blocks.
  • Use the Simple Select tool. The Simple Select tool lets you choose across two years of dates and rooms. This is the easiest option for setting bulk rates.
    • Click the orange Simple Select button at the top.
    • In the pop-up, modify the following:
      • DATE range to include as much time as you wish, up to 2 years into the future
      • ROOM TYPES to include the rooms that you wish to select
      • Days of the week you wish to select.
    • Click Select to select the blocks as indicated in the popup.
    • You can make an additional selection now if you need to. If you messed up, you can click Clear Selection and start again.
    • Click the Modify button to change the value of the selected blocks. Enter a number in the box on the popup.
    • Click Update in the popup.
    • Click Clear Selections to deselect the currently highlighted blocks so you can make a new selection and continue editing.

In the below example of the Simple Select popup, we would use the following to select the four suites Sunday through Thursday for the month of February 2017.

We then, for example, could modify our selection to be '2'.


Note that setting a minimum night restriction to 1 is the same as leaving it blank.

9.) Once you are done, please check your work and then click the orange Save button at the top right.


Note: You can confirm Minimums and check the applied numbers by clicking the MIN NIGHTS THROUGH and the MIN NIGHTS ON ARRIVAL buttons above the main availability Calendar. This will toggle the applied minimums to overlay on the Calendar matrix.
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