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Booking and working with promotions on reservations

This article covers how to apply a promotion to a NEW reservation, as well as how to apply one to an EXISTING reservation (or change or remove from an existing reservation). It will also cover details like how to determine if a promotion has been applied to a reservation.

Creating a new reservation with a promotion:

On the Reservation Calendar, click New at the top right. Be sure to do this BEFORE selecting dates on the calendar - this is key and may take some adjustment to make it a new habit. If you do select dates on the calendar prior to clicking "New," the reservation will immediately be made using the selected Rate Type, rather than showing you the Quoting Modal where you can select a promotion.

At this point, the Quoting Modal will appear, similar to the example shown below. This is where you will enter the guest's dates of stay, number of guests, and mark if they want to book using any "special rates" like a Customer Group or Promotion Code. Note that a Promotion Code may be for a rate type OR a promotion. As you enter the search criteria, the results below will automatically refresh accordingly to show available rooms that the guest's group will fit in.

On the left, you can select a room. On the right, you will see details on the selected room, including maximum occupancy, as well as a "Show Description" button in case you want more details about the room to describe it to the potential guest. The right column also displays the Rate Type's name and description, as well as the Subtotal, Taxes, Total, and the required deposit. The middle section of the modal includes two drop-downs for each room displaying all possible combinations of rate type and promotion

The prices shown in the dropdown represent the AVERAGE price per night for the entire stay. The left drop-down is for the Rate Type. If any promotions are available, you'll notice a "+" after the price. This indicates that there are multiple potential prices for this rate type, depending on which promotion, if any, you apply to it.

In the example below, The Northeast room can be booked using 4 different rate types. One of these rate types, the "Best Available Rate," has a promotion available. The lowest price it can be booked at is $233.10 per night (on average for this stay), but there are options to book it at a higher price, potentially with a different promotion, or no promotion.

The second drop-down is for Promotions. In the below example, there is only one promotion the guest is eligible for based on search criteria - the "Last Minute Deal." This promotion can be applied to book at the lowest rate, or the promotion can be removed to book at the higher price of $259 per night (on average for this stay).

Once the guest has chosen a room and rate, and confirmed that they would like to book the selected reservation, click "Create Reservation" at the bottom right corner of the modal.

At this point, you will see the completed reservation, and if a promotion is applied, it will show to the right of the rate type name, as shown below.

Editing a reservation to apply, remove, or change a promotion:

Within the reservation, click the Edit button on the far right, as circled in the image below.

This will bring up the Edit Booking modal, as depicted below. Click on the Promotion field circled in the image below, and choose to add or change the promotion. To remove a promotion, choose the option in the drop-down that says "No promotion active." Once you've made your selection, click "Update" at the bottom of the modal.

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