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Promotions Overview


You can offer a discounted room rate to guests who qualify using a Promotion. A promotion is a tool that allows you to discount the lodging portion of a room reservation in the form of a percentage or a dollar amount. The discount is applied to either every night, the first night, the last night, or the least costly night of their stay. Guests can receive the promotion when booking over the phone with your staff or on their own using the online booking engine on your website. Requirements are programmed into the promotion to make sure only the right guests receive the promotional discount.

Online Booking Engine

Once a guest meets the requirements for a promotion, it's applied automatically for them. They will be able to clearly see that they are getting a promotional price because the normal rate they would qualify for is crossed out with a red line, and the promotion name and the new price is highlighted. If there are details, the promotion details are put in italics below.

Backoffice for Staff

If a guest speaks with your front desk staff, the staff member will be able to use the New Reservation modal to quote prospective guests what the rate would be with (and without) any promotions they are eligible for. Clicking the New reservation button before choosing dates on the calendar allows your staff to access pricing information before making a reservation.


When a reservation has a promotion applied, the name of the promotion can be seen at the top of the booking, to the right of the name of the Rate Type.

To add, remove, or change the promotion applied to an existing reservation, simply click the Edit button with the pencil on the right to edit the booking.

Reports, Print Templates, and Emails

If a promotion is applied to a reservation, the name of the promotion will be in parenthesis immediately following the name of the rate type. This can be seen in print templates and email templates where the name of the rate type is normally displayed. The Revenue by Rate Type report will show a separate breakdown of each promotion per rate type within a date range.


Print Templates:

Email Templates:

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