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Frequently Asked Questions about Promotions


How do I create a promotion?

To create a new promotion, navigate to Settings > Promotions > and click the New button on the top right. For more on this, see this article: How to Create/Edit a Promotion.

How do I edit a promotion's settings?

To edit an existing promotion, navigate to Settings > Promotions > and click on the name of the promotion you wish to work with. Make the changes as you see fit, and click the Save button at the bottom of the page to commit your changes.

How do I delete a promotion?

To permanently delete a promotion, navigate to Settings > Promotions > and click the name of the promotion that you wish to delete. At the bottom of the promotion settings, click the red Delete button. This will delete the promotion, but will not impact any existing reservations that had the promotion already applied.

How do I disable an existing promotion?

You can delete a promotion by clicking the Delete button, or you can set a random promotion code so your guests cannot book it. The only way a promotion can be booked by a guest online is if they know and enter the promotion code, when required.

How do I add a promotion to an existing reservation?

Click the black edit button with the pencil icon on the far right of the reservation's booking. (This is the same place you edit the occupancy of a reservation). You can add the promotion by selecting it from the dropdown in the popup.

How do I book a new reservation with a promotion?

You can book a reservation as normal and then edit the booking to have the promotion applied. However, now you can use the advanced pricing snapshot tool. To access this tool, click the New button on the top right of the calendar - before you select any dates on the calendar.

What is the difference between a Promotion and a Rate Type with a promotion code rate qualifier?

A promotion can apply to one or more rate types. A promotion also doesn't need to have a code. If a promotion doesn't have a code, it's applied automatically for those that qualify for it. A rate type, on the other hand, is a collection of rates, restrictions, and items if desired.

Can you offer free or discounted items or fees with a promotion?

No. The promotion discounts the room rate, not any items or fees that might be associated with the reservation.

Can you add items to a promotion?

No, only Rate Types can add items automatically as part of the rate type. 

How do you exclude days (blackout dates) from a promotion?

Promotions allow you to set a Stay date range. Create your promotions so that the stay date range doesn't overlap your blackout dates. For instance, perhaps you offer a Winter Special for December - February, but you wish to exclude December 24 - January 1st for the holidays. You could use two Stay Date Ranges of December 1 - December 23 and January 2 - February 28.

How can you automatically apply a promotion to reservations that qualify?

Don't put a promotion code. When there is no promotion code, reservations that qualify for the promotion will have the promotion added to their rate type automatically - provided the guest meets the other qualifiers for the promotion.

Does a promotion reduce the price of additional guest fees or other items from their bill?

No, only the room rate is discounted. Items, fees, and other charges are not impacted by promotions.

Can a promotion be used to change restrictions or settings on a rate type?

No. Promotions cannot be used to make a rate type more or less available. Any restrictions, parameters, or settings that exist on a rate type cannot be modified by the promotion. For example, a promotion cannot reward a guest will a reduction in minimum night requirements that are set on the rate type.

Can a promotion be used to discount the 2nd night of the stay only?

You can discount one of the following:

  • Every Night
  • First Night
  • Last Night
  • Least Costly Night

Can promotional pricing be sent to OTAs?

No. However, promotions without a promotional code are sent to Google Hotel Ads, TripAdvisor, and Select Registry for those clients that are connected to one of those services. This is because, without a promotional code, the rate is considered a public rate that can be seen by the general public. You will need to set up promotions with the OTAs directly.

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