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How guests book a promotional reservation on the booking engine

It's helpful to understand how a guest would see a Promotion when booking on your website. This article will cover details on who sees promotions on your booking engine, when they will see them, and how they will appear.

When a guest first enters your booking engine, they are prompted to choose their search parameters, like dates, guests, and special rates. A guest will not see a promotion if their search criteria do not meet ALL requirements that you have set for any given promotion.

An important consideration with promotions, when using Promotional Codes, is ensuring that guests see where to enter the code. Depending on your Booking Engine Settings, your "Special Rates" section on your booking engine may be either closed or opened by default when a guest first enters the booking engine. If you are using Customer Groups and/or Promotional Codes, we recommend checking both of the boxes shown below in your Booking Engine Settings.

Once a customer hits Search, they are brought to the list of available rooms and rates. This is where any promotions they are eligible for will display, as shown below:

If the guest selects "Add to reservation" on a promotion, the promotional rate will be applied to their booking.

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