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Using Folios within a Group Reservation

Groups can be as complicated as you can imagine with all the possibilities of who is responsible for the various charges incurred on a group reservation.  ThinkReservations' group functionality allows you to move charges and payments among the parties as needed.

This simplified example starts with a group reservation where the group organization will pay for all rooms, the meeting space, and a meal.  All other charges will be paid by the participants.  We will cover how to move charges between the group reservation and its The participants will pay all other charges for individual reservations.  The participants will pay all additional ancillary charges.

The group Details tab:

The group Reservations tab:

With the Groups functionality enabled, the group is automatically created with a related folio.  Folios are automatically enabled for each reservation assigned to a group and each will automatically have a related folio created. 

Group folio #1:

Reservation folio #1 (Lily Finley):

Now let's walk through moving charges between the main group reservation and the individual reservations within the group.  We will transfer the line items among the applicable folios.  It doesn't matter in what order we choose to make the moves.  The group organization will be paying for all charges for rooms, meeting space, and one dinner.  The meeting space and dinner have already been charged to the group, so we will move the room charges from the room reservations to the group.

  1. In the group reservation, click on the Reservations tab.
  2. Open the first reservation with charges by double-clicking on the reservation or selecting the reservation and clicking the "Open" button at the top of the list.  
  3. In the room reservation, click on the Billing tab.
  4. Click on a line item representing the room charges.  You can choose multiple line items holding down the "Ctrl" key and clicking on the next line item.
  5. Click on the "Move" icon.
  6. Select the group folio, then click the "Move" button.

Follow the above steps to move the room charges to the group from the other room reservations.

The champagne charged to the group will be paid by Lily Finley personally.  To move the champagne charge to Lily's folio, follow these steps:

  1. In the group reservation, click on the reservations tab.
  2. Double-click on Lily Finley's reservation or select it and click the "Open" button at the top of the list.
  3. In Lily Finley's reservation, note the confirmation number.
  4. Go back into the group reservation, and click on the Billing tab.
  5. It will default to show Folio #1, where all the charges are in this example.
  6. Select the line item for champagne.
  7. Click on the "Move" icon.
  8. Select the folio for the confirmation number noted in 1.
  9. Click on the "Move" button.

All charges are successfully moved to their proper folios.  You can now enter payments on the folios that have an outstanding balance.  

  1.  On the group reservation, click on the Billing tab to access the folios.  
  2. The page will default to open Folio #1 for the group.
  3. Click on the payment "Add" (dollar sign) icon to open the Payment dialog box.
  4. Enter the payment details just like a standard reservation.
  5. On the individual reservation, click on the Billing tab to access the folio.
  6. Follow steps 2-4 above to complete payment for all individual reservation folios with a balance.

Additional things to consider when working with folios in groups:

  • You can add as many folios as you need for a group and each reservation in the group.  For example, an additional folio may be helpful where a group organization wants to pay for food and beverage separately from the rooms, and they want separate bills for each.
  • To move charges and payments between individual reservations within a group, you must move the line items from the individual folio into the group and then from the group to the destination reservation folio.
  • Charges to a reservation and payments applied on a reservation are considered line items when in the folio.  Both payments and charges are eligible to be moved between the group and individual reservations.

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