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How to Split a Bill

Using the Folio functionality, you can take care of guests that need to split part of their bill. For example, two guests in the same room that want to share the cost or a business traveler who wants to be billed separately for personal charges. This article will walk you through an example of creating two folios from a single bill.

Each item in a reservation by default is all in the same folio. When you create a second folio, you can move line items such as room nights into them. This makes it very easy to identify who is responsible for what charge, as each folio can be presented to each party.

Steps in this article:

Step 1: Enable folios on the reservation.

If folios have not been yet enabled, enable them now. If you have a Billing tab, folios are already enabled.

  1. Open the reservation in question.
  2. Click the Action icon (with the gear).
  3. Select "Enable Folios" and confirm in the popup.

Step 2: Click on the new Billing tab to view the Folio.

Notice that when folios are enabled on a reservation, the new billing tab is present. Folio #1 is automatically created when folios are enabled, and it contains all of the charges and payments applied to the reservation.

Click on the Billing tab.

Step 3: Add a Second Folio

  1. Click on the Add icon above the first folio to add another folio to this reservation.
  2. In the New Folio dialog box, optionally click "Change" to add a new or existing customer name to the folio.
  3. In the Assign Customer to Folio dialog box, add the new or existing customer, then click "Assign to folio".

  4. Click Save to create the new folio.  The new folio appears under Folio #1 on the left.

Step 4: Move Line Items (charges) From One Folio to Another

  1. In Folio #1, select the line item you want to move to Folios #2. You can select multiple items if you need to. Selected items will highlight blue.
  2. Click the Move icon.
  3. Select the folio you want to move the indicated line item(s) to, such as Folio #2.
  4. Confirm with the Move button in the popup. The items are move to the folio!
  5. Repeat the process if necessary for any remaining line items or room nights.

Step 5: Present the Folios to the Guests

  1. Inside the Billing tab, select the folio you wish to present.
  2. Choose either the Email or Print options inside the folio.

If you choose Email, choose the Template, such as Basic Folio or Check-out Folio. The Folio is attached automatically to the email template as a PDF. Send the email on to the email address that needs it.

If you choose Print, select the folio template you need, and click Print. The browser and printer will take over at this point to print the document so you can present it to your guest.

Step 6: Take payments on the Folios

  1. Navigate to the Billing tab. In the Billing tab, each folio has it's own Add button to add a payment.
  2. Select the folio you wish to take payment on.
  3. Click the green Add button with the dollar sign (not the Payment button).
  4. Take the payment as needed.
  5. Repeat for any other folios to settle the balance of each.

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