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Away Message Autoresponder

ThinkMessenger's Away Message Autoresponder allows you to manage your guests' expectations around when you and your team respond to text messages. You can set your availability hours and enable an auto-reply that will be sent on your behalf outside of those hours. 

In order to enable this feature, navigate to Settings > Away Message Autoresponder.  Switch the toggle to the green ON Position, and then set your availability hours. Note that these hours should indicate when you are in the office, and your guests can expect a timely response. Customize your auto-reply in the Away Message box on the right-hand side, and click save. Your away message auto responder will begin working right away!

Please note: 

When a guest first texts a property when the away message autoresponder is active, the guest will receive the away message. If they text again within a 3-hour time period of the last time they received an automated message, they will NOT receive another automatic away message. 

If they text again more than 3 hours after the last away message autoresponder sent them something, then they will receive the away message again. 

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