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Archiving & Activating Conversations

Active conversations will appear in the conversations list of ThinkMessenger. If you want to remove old messages from this list, they can be archived. To archive a conversation, select the conversation from the active list, thenclick the three vertical dots in the top right corner of the screen. From this dropdown menu, select Archive.

When a conversation is archived, it will remain visible in the center panel of messenger until you navigate away from the page. Note that if you have archived this message unintentionally, you can reactive the conversation by clicking the three vertical dots in the top right corner again, and select Activate. This will return the conversation to your active conversations list. 

How do I find an archived message?

Archived messages will never be deleted - when you reopen the thread, you'll always have access to the full history of the conversation. There two scenarios that will cause the conversation to be reactivated automatically:

  1. When the guest sends you a message
  2. When you open an archived conversation and send a message to a guest

In order to find an archived message, simply navigate to any reservation associated with that customer and click the "New Conversation" button next to the customer's phone number.Alternatively, you can find an archived conversation by searching the guest's name or phone number in the New Conversation workflow within ThinkMessenger. In either version of finding an archived conversation, you will need to Activate the conversation once again to add it back to your conversation list (or send a message in the conversation).

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