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Modify Dates, Occupancy, Rate, Room, and Status for a Reservation

Learn how reservations can easily be modified as needed. 

Editing Arrival/Departure Dates, Room, Rate Type, Number of Guests, or Reservation Status:

After opening the reservation, to the right of the room name will be a pencil icon with the word Edit. Click the Edit button on the right of the booking. Update the room, and click Update when done. 

Any changes to the room that affect the price will be updated.

Please note that for reservations with multiple rooms, there will be an 
Edit icon for each. Each room is modified individually.

Arrival Date: Change the arrival date for this room.

Departure Date: Change the departure date for this room.

Room: Switch the guest 
into a different room. If the price is different, a popup will ask you if you would like to update the price or not.

Do Not Move: Select the checkbox to pin this room in place on the Reservation Calendar. When this checkbox is selected, the reservation will not be moveable using the drag-and-drop functionality. Deselect the checkbox to allow for drag-and-drop editing.

Rate: Switch the room into a different rate type. Any change in room price will be reflected in the bill after this update is saved.

Promotion: Add, remove, or change the promotion applied to the reservation.

Number of Adults: Indicate the number of adults staying in this room. The price will be updated based on room occupancy settings.

Number of Children: Indicate the number of children staying in this room. When you select children, you will then be able to indicate the age. The price will be updated based on room occupancy settings.

Number of Pets: Indicate the number of pets staying in this room. The price will be updated based on room occupancy settings.

Status: Choose to update the status of the guest. Scheduled means that this guest has not arrived.

Confirm your changes by clicking the Update button in the pop-up. The reservation will be updated.


Alternatively, Use Drag-and-Drop to Edit the Dates or Room for a Reservation:

Adjust rooms and dates easily and efficiently. Drag-and-Drop allows you to move a reservation across dates and rooms if needed. Please note that Drag-and-Drop does not allow you to adjust the length of stay. Please use the method above to edit the number of nights for a reservation. 

 When you attempt to move a reservation, it will turn solid blue. A blue border appears around the boxes where you are set to drop the reservation.


Built-in safeguards help prevent drag-and-drop mistakes, pricing errors, and double-bookings. This message below is an example of what will appear after dropping the reservation to a new spot on the calendar:

Another one of those safeguards is the ability to pin a reservation, which prevents it from being moved without unpinning it first. A pinned reservation will appear to have a pin on the left-hand side:
If you attempt to move a pinned reservation, you'll see the reservation turn solid blue as before, but the area where you are trying to drop it will turn red, and a prohibition symbol is displayed. You may undo the pin by opening the reservation and editing it to remove the restriction.

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