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Changing the Customer Assigned to a Bill

If the customer assigned to a bill is incorrect, you can assign a different customer to the bill. When changing the customer assigned to this bill, you’ll have the option to search for an existing customer and assign them to the bill or create a new customer if they don’t exist in your database yet. 

 Use the following steps to assign a new or different customer to a bill:

  1. Click on the edit icon next to the name of the guest.
  2. Click the Change... button.
  3. Type the customer’s name into the search box. The system will search your database and attempt to find a match.
    1. If a match is found: Click on the corresponding record to associate this customer with this bill. Graphical user interface, application

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    2. Then click the button on the bottom.
    3. If a match isn’t found: Click the Create New Customer... link.  
    4. The New Customer form will appear with the name you searched for automatically filling in the First Name and Last Name fields. Fill in the other fields with the information that was provided by the customer, then click the Create and assign button.

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