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Update the Customer’s Information from within a Bill

If the customer assigned to this bill needs to have their information updated, you can do so within the reservation. Examples of information that you can change are Customer Notes, Phone number, Cell number, Email Address, Street address, and more.
[NOTE: You can also update this information on the customer record directly by going to the Customers page found in the black bar at the top.]

 To update the assigned customer’s information please do the following:

  1. Click the button next to the name of the guest.
  2. The Edit Customer window will appear.Graphical user interface

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  3. Update the customer’s record field(s).
  4. Click the Update button in the bottom right.



ATTENTION: All bills associated with this customer will show the updated information once the Update button has been clicked. The changes you’ve made are to the customer record, not the bill.

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