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Calendar Notes

In the Calendar Notes setting, you can create reminders to appear on the Reservation Calendar. These could be holidays, reminders about upcoming local events like a festival, or a room repair. The possibilities are endless! Calendar Notes appear on the Reservation Calendar as yellow bars underneath the date. Just hover over the bar to see the full description.


Example of Calendar note in use


To create a new Calendar note:

1) Click on Settings --> Calendar Notes. You'll see all of your current existing notes, if applicable, such as in the example below.

2) Click the black New button in the top right.

3) Fill in the form for your note and click Save.


Once you click Save, a yellow bar will appear on the Calendar. Hover over this bar to see the details of the note.


To Edit or Delete a Calendar Note:

1) If you need to edit or delete any of your current notes, go to Settings --> Calendar Notes.

 2) Click on the note to open the details.



3) Make any necessary edits and click Save OR simply click Delete to remove the note.




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