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Managing Blackouts

ThinkReservations allows you to create a blackout that prevents anyone from reserving the room(s) during the time you specify. You can also add notes about the blackout, which are visible on your Reservation Calendar. Blackouts will appear as solid dark gray blocks on the Reservation Calendar.

NOTE: Blackouts will apply to ALL rate types.

Stop Sell:
See below for how to set and manage blackouts.Remove a stop sell by setting pricing on the rate type.
How do I remove the gray? Set pricing.
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Create a Blackout

  1. Start on the Reservation Calendar and select the room(s) and date(s) for which you would like to create a blackout.
  2. After you have selected all the rooms and dates you wish to blackout, click the Blackout button in the top right above the Calendar grid.
  3. In the Blackout Calendar, if needed, adjust the TYPE, NOTES, and checkboxes on the Calendar to your needs. The note will be overlaid on the blackout.
    A summary is displayed beneath DATES BLACKED OUT on the left.
  4. Click Save in the top right to create the blackout and take you back to the Calendar. Click Cancel to abandon changes and to go back to the main Calendar.
  • You cannot blackout dates where reservations already exist.
  • You cannot blackout dates that conflict with linked rooms. The logic for creating blackouts is the same for preventing double bookings. For example, you cannot blackout your "Hotel Buyout" unit and individual rooms that make up the hotel buyout option.

You can black out large periods of time if you need.

Tip: Use your browser's Zoom feature to zoom out.
This allows you to see more dates and work faster.

Manage or Delete a Blackout

  1. Find the blackout on the Calendar, and click on it to open the Edit Blackout Calendar.
  2. Edit the TYPE, NOTES, or checkboxes on the calendar as you see fit.
  3. If you need to DELETE the blackout, click the Delete button on the top right.


Confusing a stop-sell with a blackout? See here for How do I remove the gray?

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